Who can apply?

Cypriot teens with at least one Cypriot parent are eligible to apply if they will be 15 years of age by July 1 up to 18 years of age, providing they will have at least one more academic year in Cyprus following the summer they are applying for. The first step is completion of an application form in conjunction with their parents. All applications are reviewed by a bi-communal team of volunteer Cypriot Coordinators early in March, and applicants are invited for interviews. Commitment to bi-communal activity, leadership potential, and feasibility of participation are assessed during the interview process. Subsequent to the interviews, a select number of teens are offered slots in the program. Teens accepted into the program participate in a series of group meetings in spring. The meetings include many opportunities to develop cross-cultural understanding.

Applying is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 - Apply Online

The online application is separated into four parts. Before beginning the application, the teen and their parents should download and/or print and read the TEEN FAMILY HANDBOOK to learn about the Cyprus Friendship Programme in more detail.

In order to keep your time online to a minimum, you should have the following information available before completing this application:

1. A photo file of your face to upload (max. file size = 500KB)
2. Your passport information, if you are applying for the U.S. program
3. Thoughtful answers to the following essay questions:
a. Why do you want to participate in the Cyprus Friendship Program?
b. American families are hosting Cypriot teens, making a commitment to peace in Cyprus. Why do you think they do this?
c. The Cyprus Friendship Program is a peace building and leadership training program. Being selected will make you an ambassador for the program, both in Cyprus and in the United States. What do you think is your responsibility in being an effective ambassador in the U.S.? In Cyprus? How will you use the friendships and skills you learn to further peace in Cyprus?
d. If you are selected, how do you hope to use your experience to contribute to peace building in Cyprus? Please use concrete examples.
e. What has been the greatest challenge you have faced in your life?
4. A list of clubs and activities and any prizes or awards you have earned in the last four years

This part requires payment of the application fee of $20 with a credit card.
This part is to be completed in English by a teacher who knows the teen well. The teen should ask the teacher to make a recommendation and give the teacher the link to PART 3. The teacher's recommendation will be submitted directly to the Coordinators, so the teen must follow up with the teacher to be sure PART 3 has been completed.
In order to have a successful programme, CFP needs to maintain certain rules, especially for the U.S. residency program. These rules are available in English, Greek and Turkish. PART 4 should be printed in the teen's language of choice and completed by the teen and a parent. Signatures of both teen and parent at the end of the rules is acceptance and willingness to follow these rules.

Step 2 - Compile Application Package

In order for an Application Package to be considered complete, it must contain TWO sets of the following:

1. Printed copy of PART 1, which is emailed to the teen upon completion
2. Printed copy of PART 2, which is emailed to the parent after payment of the application fee is verified
3. Printed copy of PART 4, signed by teen and a parent
4. Copy of passport OR copy of passport application, for those applying for the U.S. program
5. Copy of latest report card
6. Copies of awards received

We receive many applications for this program and we cannot follow up with teens on missing parts or copies of their Application Package. CFP is looking for responsible students and the Application Package will be the first impression of the teen.

Step 3 - Attend Interviews Day and Submit Application Package to Coordinators

Plan to spend the day in the Buffer Zone.