Teens with Elders

Teens with Elders

The Elders began working on Cyprus in September 2008, when the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities formally entered into peace negotiations. Since then, they have visited the island four times to support the talks by sharing their experiences with leaders and encouraging dialogue.

In addition to discussing the negotiations with decision-makers, The Elders support and amplify the work of Cypriots involved in peace-building initiatives. They worked with the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus and the Cyprus Friendship Programme to film a documentary about the search for missing persons in Cyprus. They hope the film, Digging the Past in Search of the Future , will help Cypriots come to a common understanding about their shared past – and can continue, in a small way, to building a peaceful future.

File (English version)

Film (Turkish version)

Film (Greek version)

Four CFP teens, who appear in the documentary, attended the film debut in London.

The Elders is an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights. They were brought together in 2007 by Nelson Mandela. Archbishop Desmond Tutu served for six years as Chair before stepping down in May 2013, and remains an Honorary Elder.

Elders no longer hold public office; they are independent of any national government or other vested interest. They should have earned international trust, demonstrated integrity and built a reputation for inclusive, progressive leadership. The Elders share a common commitment to peace and universal human rights, but they also bring with them a wealth of diverse expertise and experience.


Through the efforts of the CFP coordinators in Cyprus, CFP enjoys a strong relationship with the Peace Boat. Please see CFP &The Peace Boat for more information.


CFP was selected as a finalist for the 2011 Intercultural Innovation Award by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations & BMW Group out of more than 400 projects from 70 countries.