Welcome to CFP 2017!

f1111-750x347Since our beginning in 2009, CFP has graduated 597 teenagers from our peacebuilding and leadership training program.

The Cyprus Friendship Program continues to select U.S. host families​ who provide safe and welcoming environments for Cypriot teens to develop friendships.

Please find all the details for this year’s program in the list on the left.

us embassy sealIn light of the confusion that the recent ban on refugees to the U.S. has caused, CFP asked the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus for clarification on CFP teen visas. Here is their statement:

The U.S. Government remains committed to facilitating legitimate travel for international visitors while ensuring the security of U.S. borders. The Executive Order signed by President Trump last week affects the citizens of only seven countries. Nothing in our policies and procedures has changed with regard to those who are not from those countries. We have welcomed your program’s (Cyprus Friendship Program) participants from both sides of the island who needed visas in the past and look forward to doing so again this year.

Christine P. Jackson
Consular Chief
U.S. Embassy Nicosia​